Heart Renewal Ministries


Heart Renewal Ministries offers retreats primarily focused upon exploring and revising individuals’ distorted images of God. The following is a description of this retreat to be conducted over a 2-day period of time at various retreat centers primarily in Indiana and Ohio but other locations will be considered. Registration is limited to 15 participants.

Living into the Truth of God’s Extravagant Love: A Contemplative Retreat

In the words of A.W. Tozer: “what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Given that our view of God is the critical foundation upon which we construct and carry out our lives, it is essential that our view of the Divine aligns with the true nature of who He actually is. Unfortunately, we have learned distorted views of God through family, the culture, and even the church which severely undermines our ability to love, trust, and relate to our heavenly Father. This contemplative retreat will help you examine these distorted views and invite you to replace them with a more accurate and biblically-based view of God as incarnated in the person of Jesus – “whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9).

By opening ourselves to the gracious work of the Holy Spirit through participation in guided meditations, prayer, silence, solitude, journaling, and writing a Beloved Charter, retreatants will begin to experience a shift in their view of God to one that is more benevolent, loving, and life-giving. Optional spiritual direction sessions will also be offered.

The location of the retreat is Transfiguration Spirituality Center, Cincinnati, OH.
 October 18-20, 2024.
 Cost is $290/person.

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