Heart Renewal Ministries


Heart Renewal Ministries offers workshops on various spiritually related topics. Workshops are conducted over a 4-hour time frame and can be held on-site at your church or organization. Following are descriptions of two such workshops.

The Enneagram: A Self-Discovery Tool for Spiritual Transformation

In the past decade many Christians have discovered the benefits of the Enneagram as a tool for enhancing self-awareness. It comes from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (point) referring to the specific gifts which God has given us – (1) goodness; (2) love; (3) effectiveness; (4) creativity; (5) wisdom; (6) faithfulness; (7) joy; (8) power; and (9) peace. Unfortunately, we tend to exaggerate our specific gift in order to look good, control life, and/or impress others. In effect, these gifts become compulsions or idols which serve as major deterrents to our spiritual growth. The Enneagram helps us identify our particular compulsion in order to become more aware of the specific area in which we need to be transformed by God’s grace.

This workshop will present the nine types and help participants identify which type reflects their unique style of operating in life. Through discovering one’s specific type, participants will gain greater self-awareness, improved understanding and empathy toward others who have different types, and become more open to the movements of the Holy Spirit who seeks to transform us.

How Are We Transformed into Christlikeness?

The Christian faith tradition has tended to focus on the rational dimension of correct beliefs (doctrine) and making wise decisions as the basis for personal growth into Christlikeness. However, these left-brain processes have been demonstrated to be limited in their effectiveness to produce character transformation. Even the practice of spiritual disciplines, as important as they are to spiritual formation and growth, has had only marginal success for many Christians. In contrast, biblical evidence and modern brain science reveal that our character is shaped by more right-brain processes such as joy, hesed (loving attachments), group identity, and healthy correction of each other. The inclusion of these factors reflects a more integrated approach, and fosters the optimal conditions for a vibrant and authentic character transformation into Christlikeness.

This workshop will present these connections between brain science and Christian spiritual formation, known as neurotheology, and introduce exercises and practices which can be implemented in the local congregation in order to nourish transformation into Christlikeness.